by Sara-Danielle

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released September 20, 2019

Music & Lyrics by Sara-Danielle
Produced & Arranged by Nikolas Benoit-Ratelle, Loukas Perreault-Coderre & Sara-Danielle
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nikolas Benoit-Ratelle & Loukas Perreault-Coderre

Vocals: Sara-Danielle
Guitars: Karolane Carbonneau
Bass: Joseph Blais
Drums: Etienne Mason
Synthesizers, additional instruments and sounds: Nikolas Benoit-Ratelle & Loukas Perreault-Coderre

I would like to acknowledge Jérémie Essiambre for his participation in creating “Sometimes”.

Cover Picture: Gaëlle Leroyer
Artistic Direction & Graphic Design: Valéry Lemay


all rights reserved



Sara-Danielle Montreal, Québec

This summer “Ginger-Ale-Pop” artist Sara-Danielle dropped singles “Flawless” “Waterfall” & "With You", which found success on Spotify’s biggest playlists such as Indie Chillout. Keep an eye out for upcoming music video and full EP drop of “Healing” in September. ... more

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Track Name: With You
I got scars on my back from scratching it too hard
And I got headaches from screaming too loud
I got so much on my mind, I cannot think straight
I cannot think straight

Oh with you, everything falls into place
Oh with you, everything falls into place
I’ll go with you everywhere you want me to
‘cause oh with you, everything falls into place

I’m carrying rocks on my back
I collapse every time I try to put my foot down
But you take away all the weight
Oh you take away the weight

I can feel it, but I cannot explain it
Track Name: Flawless
Why am I so angry with my self, the others?
Why am I so selfish, caught up in my own world?
Worrying about nothing, ‘bout nothing

I keep waiting after you, after your word, your body
Still dreaming that I’m lonely, that I messed up everything
It makes my head ache, my head ache

I wanna be good
I wanna be flawless
But it’s always all about me,
About me
I think I am being brave
Think I’m doing so perfect
But I’m still
Broken inside

I wanna break those chains I thought I’d already did
Somehow they came back, wrapped themselves up my body
Making sure that I’m lonely, stay lonely

I got two heads, I got two hearts
Track Name: Loosen
Loosen your grip
Loosen your mind
Loosen your senses
Loosen your head

Remember what it's like to feel great
Catch a glimpse of it
When you close your eyes

Learn to breathe again
Learn to love yourself
Let our shoulders down
Let your guards down

Remember what it’s like to feel alive
Try to step forward
But don’t close your eyes
Track Name: I Cry
I should’ve told you I couldn’t breathe
I’ve got all those fears
That are taking me away

I see everything dark even though it’s not
I’m painting the world
The colour of my heart

He said « fill my head with you fears
So you won’t have any left »

I cry for the ones that won’t

They’ll always be there, they’re part of me
Oh honey, tell me,
Can you take me with them?

No matter how hard I push them back
Their home is in me
In the deep of my soul

He said « I’ve got all your tears
You can’t cry, now, start to live »
Track Name: Sometimes
You look at me, at me
And you think I am ten miles away
I look like I am
Ten miles away, ten miles away
But I am right beside you,
Listening carefully, hey

Sometimes, I get lost in your eyes
I get lost in my head,
But I always find my way back

I am like a flower
Looking for soil, to plant its roots in
I will never be
Normal again, normal again
I will never be

My way back
Track Name: Waterfall
Your eyes tell me to let you go
But you mouth tells me to stay with you
I never seem to understand
The way you need me to hold your hand
To hold your hand

Our love is like a waterfall
Fallin’, drippin’, but never ending

I want to hold you so strong
But you don’t want me for that long
I want to make you happy
But everything else seems better than me
Better than me

We’re hovering back and forth
Letting the waves sooth us
I wanna carv our memories in my head
‘Cause you slip away so easily
So easily

It's fallin', drippin', but never ending

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